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Why should your home miss out on all the fun?

Timbr was born from the frustration at not being able to interact with the owners of the interesting homes we can see on TV, on apps, in magazines, in newspapers - even at open homes. In all of these familiar environments, there are no ways to ask questions, give feedback or share knowledge.
Enter Timbr! The app allows you to chat to homeowners, or to elicit chats from home lovers about your home. You can cultivate a group of home lovers to support you through your renovations. When the time comes to think about selling, you have a pool of people who know your home, the time, effort, sweat and tears you have put into it.

If you own property 
Get feedback, ideas for renos, gauge its real market value, even get an offer without having to go through the hassle of getting it fixed up to list

If you love looking at property
Chat direct to the owner to give advice, feedback, or make an offer they can't resist


How easy is it to showcase my property?

Showing your property is quick - add a few descriptions, a few photos, and you're ready to go. Best of all - it's free.


How can I flirt with selling my home?

Timbr allows you to showcase your home for free if you're only just thinking about selling. Get an offer that you can't resist.


How do I connect to someone interested in my home?

Once you get a conversation request you will be notified. 


Finally a platform that matches the experience of hearing whispers that a home nearby might be for sale.   

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