Your home is just as deserving of a social media following as you are as an individual on Facebook or Instagram, or your career is on LinkedIn. In fact, if you think about the benefits of your home having a following throughout the life cycle of your ownership, it becomes a no-brainer.

Let me walk you through the process. 

By your home having its own presence on social media, you can start building its network as soon as you move in. The process of moving itself is one of the most emotionally stressful things humans can do, with its mix of overwhelming, challenging, depressing, exciting and scary feelings. When you finally move and start settling in, you are naturally excited to be in your new home, and it’s normal to want to share this with others. By creating a simple bio on Timbr, you can let people know about your beautiful new home. 

Then, as your home gathers followers, you can reach out to your community to get or check ideas for your renovations, remodelling, redecorations or landscaping. Many of the people who are following your home will have done similar things, and will have money and time savings hacks, recommended experts, inside info from the grass roots to make your experience easier, less expensive and more fun. 

Once you have started making your new home your own, you can continue to update your home’s pics and information to get feedback from your home’s social network. The people who have been watching your dreams become reality have an emotional investment in you and your home, and can provide support, encouragement and congratulations. This group of like minded individuals will not only see the progress you have made, but as they have been there with you throughout the journey, really see how much you have put into this transformation. Their feedback will be authentic, and based on understanding of your journey.

Eventually the time will come for you to consider your next move. Sometimes this is a slow, organic thing, other times, the move may be more rushed due to changes in jobs or family circumstances. It may not even be a move that’s on the cards. You may be considering renting out your basement room? You may consider renting out the whole house while you and the family do a 6 month camper van tour of the country! You may just wonder what the market value of your house is before you consider moving…… Your home’s followers will have connections and insight to offer and can make whatever objective you are trying to achieve much less painful. 

So, irrespective of which stage of the home ownership cycle you and your home are currently in, the benefits of your home being on Timbr are overwhelming. Homeowners have been missing a trick all these years only creating an online presence for our homes when we are ready to sell. We miss out on all the fun of the journey, but more importantly, when you do want to move, these people who have been following your home know and trust you, and maybe more likely to offer you the money you want without the hassle of going to market. It’s like LinkedIn - you wouldn’t set up your profile ónly when you need a new job, rather you build your network and establish your expertise, develop relationships and networks, so that when you are ready for the next career move, the path is already there. 

Your home deserves its own social network and Timbr now provides it