Right guys! I’ve done the research and it all points to the fact that we are a nation obsessed by houses!  Check it out: we religiously view TV shows such as the Block NZ, Love it or List it with our old chums Kirsty and Phil, Grand Designs, and my personal favourite, House Hunters International. We voraciously consume home and garden magazines, ooh-ing and aah-ing over homes that looks as though a child or even a breathing entity has never entered the space. We check out the properties for sale in our area, or far afield on phone apps, and websites, we read property presses and pour over the Saturday newspapers. We even attend open homes out of sheer curiosity when we have no intention or ability to buy the property in question. We are bonkers about houses, and this is when we are not even in the market.

From nutty to cray cray in 60 seconds

Fast forward to when we are actually looking at buying, or selling, or selling then buying… things ramp up to fever pitch. To get our properties up to scratch for selling, we finally do all of the jobs we intended on doing while we living there. We kill ourselves and/ or pay a premium to get them done in time and by the time you’re ready to sell, your house is the dream home you have always wanted. We always start by reaching out to our personal networks - friends and friends of friends - to see if anyone is interested in buying our property and/or has something suitable for us to buy. If this yields nothing, some more persistent souls try posting on Facebook private sale groups, putting ads in papers, leaflet drops into desirable properties mail boxes or even door knocking to see if the owner may be persuaded to part with their property privately. Anything to avoid the experience with the agent. Although there are many excellent agents, many of whom I am privileged to call friends, there are the charlatans that ruin it for everyone. 

And Breathe

Imagine if there was an app on your phone that could not only replicate all of these experiences, but also allow you to chat with the owner of the property without barriers? Well the wait is nearly over. Sign up to Timbr and browse, chat, perv and show off to your heart’s content. We will see you on the other side.

www.timbr.nz - Make a Move

Angela Howell

Angela Howell, CEO Timbr